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Garner DDR-14/15E

Garner DDR-14/15E

Garner Product

The DDR-14E or DDR-15E Workstation will ensure the safety of high level information at a price less than the cost of most stand-alone NSA listed degaussers. The package includes the TS-1E NSA Listed Degausser, the PD-4E or PD-5E Physical Destroyer and the SW-1E Secure Workstation at a package price discount.

TS-1E NSA/CSS and UK National Cyber Security - NCSC, (Formally CESG) approved Degausser

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DDR-15E Package

DDR-15E Package includes the NSA/CSS EPL-listed TS-1E Degausser, NSA/CSS EPL-listed PD-5E Hard Drive & Solid-State Memory Destroyer*, SW-2E Secure Workstation, two colored media bins, and a large recycle container. The ultimate in data destruction, the DDM-15E offers maximum-powered hard drive and tape degaussing and hard drive destruction.

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