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ASM120 made by ProDevice is the first Polish automatic degausser generating a magnetic field of 11,000 Gauss. It guarantees completely safe and effective data removal from even highly coercive data storage devices. It can be used both for removing data from functional and damaged magnetic tapes and disks.

The device is extremely easy to use. Simply insert the data storage device into the demagnetizer slot. After less than a minute the data are automatically and irrevocably erased by removing all records on the magnetic layer of the device.

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Many companies have problem with confidential information, that are stored on data media, and must be destroyed. File deletion in common way doesn't mean that file was removed physically. IT expert is able to recover data even from formatted disk. One of the most popular way of data elimination is degaussing with using of specialist equipment like degausser device.

ProDevice ASM120 is the first automatic Polish degausser, that generates magnetic field of 11,000 Gauss. With this device user has warranty of data removal from high capacity media. Degaussing will also permanently erase the data from non - functioning hard drives and data tape allowing the media to be safely returned to the manufacturer or to be disposed. ASM120 is very "user friendly" you just have to place media into the drawer and after approximately 30 seconds, tape or HDD is degaussed. Specially profiled holders makes it easy to move.

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