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BOW Industries introduces the third in our series of hard drive destroyers, the Model MX2-U Universally Powered Hard Drive Destroyer. The MX2-U gives the user versatility in all environments and operates in three power modes: Battery Power, AC Wall Power, or Manually.

The batteries hold a charge sufficient to destroy more than 100 hard drives. Anytime the MX2-U is plugged into a standard wall outlet the batteries are being charged, even while destroying hard drives.

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Only Universally Powered Hard Drive Destroyer Available

  • Extremely Rugged & Affordable
  • Destroys 100+ drives under battery power
  • Internal Battery & Charger
  • External Battery Pack Available
  • Battery, AC Wall Power & Manual Features
  • Destroys HDD and SSD Drives
  • Ideal for use in Mobile Units, Embassies, Military Sites, Commercial Applications, etc.
  • FAST (10 seconds or less), SAFE and RELIABLE
  • Compact, Light Weight & Portable – 63 lbs

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