Don’t just destroy your data – prove it!

In our modern world of GDPR compliance and daily data breaches, data destruction is about more than just securely disposing of your old hard drives.

It’s about being able to prove that you’ve done it, with audit-worthy evidence. Fortunately, the IRONCLAD system provides such evidence, with erasure verification technology, reporting and photographic imaging.

It’s the only audit trail you need,

degaussing hard drive

IRONCLAD from Garner Products

Garner’s exclusive IRONCLAD Erasure and Destruction Verification System automatically captures a JPG image of the hard drive immediately after it is degaussed and generates an exportable proof-of-destruction certificate for audit and archival purposes.

Photographic capture

Provides proof media was degaussed by capturing a JPG image of the hard drive immediately after degaussing

Detailed reporting

Tracks and stores media serial numbers, user ID, witness ID, and date in a password-protected system

Evidence generation

Export JPG images and destruction results for audit and archival purposes in PDF, CSV, and Excel formats