Is It Possible to Degauss SSD Machines?

Degauss SSD: In the ever-evolving world of data security, the question of how to effectively dispose of Solid State Drives (SSDs) is becoming increasingly pertinent. At Varese Secure, as leaders in data elimination, we often encounter queries about the possibility of degaussing SSDs. The short answer is no, but let’s delve deeper into why and explore the most effective alternatives for SSD destruction.

Why Degaussing SSDs Isn’t ViableDegauss SSD

Degaussing, a method renowned for its effectiveness in obliterating data on magnetic storage devices like HDDs, employs a potent magnetic field to disrupt the storage’s magnetic domains, effectively erasing the data contained within. This process, while efficient for HDDs, meets its limitations when faced with Solid State Drives (SSDs). The core technology underpinning SSDs is vastly different; data is stored on interconnected flash memory chips, which are impervious to magnetic fields.

This technological disparity means that the magnetic field generated during degaussing has no impact on the data stored within SSDs, rendering this method obsolete for such devices. Consequently, while degaussing remains a staple in the data destruction process for traditional magnetic storage media, it cannot be applied to SSDs due to their distinct operational mechanisms and storage principles, necessitating alternative methods for secure data elimination from SSDs.

The Varese Secure Solution: FLASHPRO Solid-State Destroyer

In response to the evolving needs for secure SSD disposal, Varese Secure proudly introduces the FLASHPRO Solid-State Destroyer. Engineered with precision, this advanced machinery is tailor-made to cater to the stringent requirements of SSD destruction, providing an unrivalled level of security and efficiency.

Fast and Powerful Destruction:

  • The FLASHPRO is designed to dismantle SSDs and similar flash storage devices into minuscule particles. This process ensures that the data previously stored is beyond recovery, offering ultimate peace of mind in the security of your data disposal practices.

High Volume Efficiency:

  • Recognising the need for efficient media disposal, the FLASHPRO can process up to 500 items per hour. This feature is indispensable for organisations managing large quantities of SSDs. It streamlines the disposal process while upholding the highest security standards.

SmartCut Technology:

  • This innovative feature empowers the FLASHPRO to adapt dynamically to the size of the media being destroyed. It optimises the destruction process, ensuring comprehensive and efficient shredding of each item, irrespective of its dimensions, thus guaranteeing thorough data destruction.

Audit-worthy Reporting:

  • For organisations needing verifiable evidence of data destruction, the FLASHPRO with Garner’s IRONCLAD Verification System offers a robust solution. This system captures images of media before destruction. It also generates detailed destruction reports. These reports provide a reliable audit trail for compliance and archival purposes.

This comprehensive approach underscores Varese Secure’s dedication to offering sophisticated, secure, and scalable solutions for the destruction of SSDs and other flash media, affirming our commitment to leading the way in data security technologies.

FAQ SectionDegauss SSD

Q: Can I use a degausser to erase data on an SSD?

A: No, SSDs do not respond to magnetic fields in the same way HDDs do, so degaussing will not erase data stored on SSDs.

Q: What is the most secure way to dispose of SSDs?

A: Physical destruction, such as shredding the SSD into small pieces, is currently the most secure method. Our FLASHPRO Solid-State Destroyer is specifically designed for this purpose.

Q: Does Varese Secure provide certification for SSD destruction?

A: Yes, when using the FLASHPRO Solid-State Destroyer along with the IRONCLAD system, we provide a certificate of destruction, including JPEG images of the media prior to destruction, for audit and compliance purposes.

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