The game changing Erasure Verification System.
IRONCLAD erasure report generating software, Automated image capture system, Touch screen control head, Bar-code scanner and stand.

Space Saver


The Space Saver SSC Kit is CE safety and compatibility standards, Pack includes: HD-2SSE Degausser with USB interface, PD-5E NSA/CSS EPL-Listed Hard Drive Destroyer, SSD-1E Solid-State Destroyer.


The PD-5E Data Destroyer. More crushing power. Destroys SSD's, Flash and USB thumb drives. Crushes multiple drives at a time.

NSA/CSS Listed


The TS-1E Data Eliminator. High Security Degausser utilizes proven solid-state technology. Erases classified and "Top Secret" data in 45 seconds.

NSA/CSS Listed

Degauss - Destroy - Recycle

Varese-secure Ltd is a world leading supplier in safe & secure data elimination products. Whether buying or lease we supply products produced by the world's leading manufacturers such as Garner, Bow Industries, Virtual Vision and VSSP.

Hitting the delete button or moving items to the waste basket is not sufficient to delete and permanently remove the important / confidential data on your hard drive. The only 100% solution is to degauss or destroy the hard drive.

This is where we can help and provide peace of mind. Contact us for advice on how to safely & securely destroy your confidential stored data.