Degauss, destroy, recycle – in one convenient package

The best way to dispose of end-of-life media is to follow three simple steps: degauss, destroy and recycle.

Degauss to wipe data from magnetic drives, and destroy to render those drives unusable and to crush SSDs – then you’re ready for recycling.

Invest in a degausser/destroyer bundle and achieve total data elimination in one place.

Whether you’re looking for a space-friendly package, a pro-recycling workstation, or even the ultimate NSA-listed destruction unit, we can help.

Packages from Garner Products

degaussing hard drive

We are proud to be Garner Products‘ international distributor for the EMEA region.

Garner Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of data degaussers and physical hard drive destroyers which guarantee total data elimination. Garner degaussers permanently erase data from hard drives, LTO and DLT tapes, and many other magnetic media formats. Pair with a Garner physical destroyer to efficiently bend, break and mangle hard drives to prevent re-use. Built with best-in-class heavy-duty design, Garner equipment is suited to any environment, from the office to the battlefield.

Garner degaussers are also compatible with optional IRONCLAD verification technology, which provides audit-worthy proof of destruction for total compliance with data handling regulations.

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