20,000 Gauss in 15 seconds,
the most powerful erasure for Top Secret data.

The TS-1XTE delivers maximum erasure to every area of the drive or tape, no matter how drives or tapes are oriented in the media drawer.

The TS-1XTE also comes with a  SCAN-1XE scanner and software package to create an audit-worthy media destruction report as you degauss.


Garner TS-1XTE features:

Powerful and compliant

20,000+ Gauss for the most secure erasure

 Listed by the NSA/EPL for secure destruction

Erases high-coercivity media in 15 seconds

Erases working or non-working drives

No cooldown between cycles

Audit-worthy reporting

Built-in diagnostics for guaranteed erasure

LCD screen shows gauss level per cycle

Add SCAN-1XE for destruction reports

Upgrade to IRONCLAD for image capture

Complete auditable verification solution

Best-in-class hardware

CE certified, tested to high safety standards

Ideal for high-security environments

Economical and quiet design

Portable with retractable handles

Durable enough for tough environments.

View our Garner TS-1XTE product brochure

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Enhanced with IRONCLAD

Destroying data is all well and good, but can you prove it?

Garner is the only brand of degaussers and destroyers with IRONCLAD, an erasure and destruction verification system that automatically captures a JPEG image of the hard drive immediately after it is degaussed and generates a proof-of-destruction certificate for audit and archival purposes.

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