Our Degaussing Hard Drive Solutions

Spacesaver Degauss & Destroy Bundle

In the digital age, safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. Varese Secure offers the Spacesaver Degauss & Destroy Bundle, a complete solution for destroying data. It focuses on degaussing hard drives to completely erase data. Use our advanced technology to securely destroy your confidential data, making it impossible to recover..

Understanding the Art of Degaussing Hard Drives

Degaussing, a method that demagnetises your hard drive, rendering it completely unreadable and unusable, is a cornerstone in secure data destruction. The Spacesaver Bundle includes the HD-2XTSS Degausser, which erases your data completely and meets strict compliance standards. This protects your business from data breaches and ensures you follow regulations.


Why Choose the Spacesaver Degauss & Destroy Bundle for Degaussing Hard Drives?

Comprehensive Data Destruction:

The bundle ensures that your hard drives are not only degaussed but also physically destroyed, providing a two-fold approach to secure data destruction.

Compliance Assurance

Adhering to global data destruction standards, our bundle ensures your degaussing hard drive processes are compliant with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA

Expert Support

Varese Secure provides unparalleled support, guiding you through the process of degaussing hard drives, ensuring optimal outcomes and secure data management.

The Significance of Degaussing in Today’s Business Landscape

In an era where data is a valuable asset, ensuring its secure disposal is crucial. Degaussing hard drives safeguards data and shields businesses from legal consequences of data breaches and unauthorised access. Get the Spacesaver Bundle for a smooth, safe, and effective data destruction process that protects your business and client trust.

Secure Your Business Data with Varese Secure

At Varese Secure, we focus on keeping your data safe by providing expert solutions for handling it securely. Our Spacesaver Degauss & Destroy Bundle is designed to erase hard drives securely. It ensures that sensitive data is permanently deleted. The bundle follows strict data destruction standards.

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Our solutions guarantee compliance, security, and peace of mind.


Navigating through the complexities of data destruction, especially involving solid-state drives, necessitates a steadfast and reliable partner. With Varese Secure, embark on a journey where your data security is paramount.
Our Spacesaver Degauss & Destroy Bundle shows our commitment to securely and effectively destroying your data on traditional and solid-state drives. We are dedicated to ensuring the complete destruction of your data on both types of drives. We provide a powerful solution for securely wiping a hard drive. This protects your business in the modern digital age and ensures that your important data remains permanently inaccessible after deletion.


Q1: What is degaussing in hard drive destruction?

A: Degaussing erases data by applying a magnetic field, ensuring complete data elimination from drives.

Q2: Can degaussed hard drives be reused?

A: No, degaussing permanently disrupts the magnetic fields, rendering hard drives unusable afterwards.

Q3: Is the Spacesaver Bundle compliant with regulations?

A: Yes, the Spacesaver Bundle adheres to various data destruction regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

Q4: How to acquire the Spacesaver Degauss & Destroy Bundle?

A: Explore purchase and rental options on our website or contact us for tailored solutions.

Regulatory compliance in a small footprint

The complete, secure hard drive & solid-state media destruction solution.

The SPACESAVER Compliance Package includes the high-speed HD-2XTSS Degausser, the NSA EPL- listed PD-5 hard drive destroyer, SSD-1 solid-state media destroyer, SSD-CADDY, SSD-MT10 media transport sleeves, and the SCAN-1X media destruction report generating scanner and software. Ideal in compact office spaces, the PD-5 fits securely on top of the SSD-Caddy that conveniently holds the SSD-1 and SSDMT media sleeves.


Garner SPACESAVER features

HD-2XTSSE Degausser

Erase magnetic drives and tapes in ~7 seconds

10,000+ Gauss for total data destruction

Easy to use with smart LCD display

PD-5E Destroyer with SSD-1E

7 tons of crushing power in 18 seconds

Smart sensors and simple operation

Also destroys solid state media

SCAN-1XE USB Scanner

Handheld USB scanner included

Capture hard drive serial information

Generate media destruction reports

Find technical specifications and more inside our handy product brochures, in PDF format.

Enhanced with IRONCLAD

Destroying data is all well and good, but can you prove it?

Garner is the only brand of degaussers and destroyers with IRONCLAD, an erasure and destruction verification system that automatically captures a JPEG image of the hard drive immediately after it is degaussed and generates a proof-of-destruction certificate for audit and archival purposes.