Degaussing: the sustainable choice

Erasing your end-of-life hard drives with a degausser is the eco-friendly alternative to shredding or incineration. More and more businesses are “going green” in this environmentally conscious age, and sustainable hardware disposal is becoming increasingly important.


  • Degaussing creates no waste product. Since degaussed hard drives are not physically broken or destroyed, there is no mess or pollution to clean up.
  • Degaussed hard drives can be dismantled and recycled for scrap value – including 100% recyclable aluminium, gold from circuit boards, and rare earth metals used in magnets.

Sustainable practices, eco-friendly products

Varese-secure are proud to work in close partnership with Garner Products. Garner are based in California, the US state which sets nationwide benchmarks for environmental standards. Garner’s manufacture of degaussers and destroyers is undertaken with sustainability and environmental concern at heart.

  • Garner’s state-of-the art facility in Roseville, California meets the world’s most stringent standards for industrial emissions.
  • Their secure workstation tables, product exteriors, and many internal equipment parts are made from aluminum, which is 100 percent recyclable and sustainable.
  • Their products are coated with a low volatile organic compound (VOC) compound that is both durable and meets the most stringent air quality standards.
  • Garner recycle their machine coolant, tooling, and chips.
  • They design their electronics to be energy efficient and to operate on standard wall power.
  • They use recycled material for their packaging.